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With Gratitude, Sister

Red border serves as background for Baby Jesus in the manger

Starting at $2.15

With Gratitude, Sister, Especially at Christmas

Inset illustration of the Christ Child in a manger with a background of night sky and a brilliant star. A lantern and pine branches are the base of the manger. The illustration in arranged at the left of the card on a red border decorated with a holly pattern. A white lettering panel is at the…

Starting at $2.15

Special Thoughts of You Dad

19th Century painting of St. Joseph with carpentry tools and the Child Jesus from the archives of Conception Abbey.

Starting at $2.49

For A Special Daughter At Christmas

Watercolor image of Mary holding the infant Jesus surrounded by several small children, two sheep and two doves. The night sky is visible in an open window behind Mary and light radiates from an oil lamp burning on a bench. One of the children tugs at Jesus' swaddling clothes. Another strews…


Merry Christmas to a Special Mom

Gold and blue Madonna and Child Related Products: B261

Starting at $2.15

For a Special Priest at Christmas

Stylized Holy Family framed by a golden gothic arched window looking out onto a small village in a snowy landscape

Starting at $2.15

For a Special Pastor at Christmas

Stained glass image of an angel proclaiming the good news of Jesus' birth to three shepherds and two sheep. A brilliant star is at the center of the image.

Starting at $2.49

Satin Silver First Communion Frame

Silver photo frame with chalice detail and reads God will be beside you to listen as you pray, and He is sure to bless you on your special day. 6x8" frame holds a 4x6" photo and includes an opening for a special caption. Gift boxed.


Family Christmas for Her

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Family Christmas for Him

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At Christmas Daughter

Fresco of an angel in a red robe with folded hands and golden wings against a dark blue background.

Starting at $2.29

Merry Christmas, Son

A night scene photo of a snow covered Christmas tree decorated with white lights.

Starting at $2.29

For Our Deacon at Christmas

Mary and Joseph bending over Child Jesus with lamb looking on.

Starting at $2.29

Mom, Your Life Is Such a Blessing

Stained glass style image of Mary , seated on the ground holding Jesus on her lap while two lambs look on.

Starting at $2.49

God Bless You, Dad

Photo of a cardinal perched on a snow covered branch.

Starting at $2.49

Your Love Is a Blessing

Photo of a cardinal perched on a snow covered fence with lettering in red and a horizontal band of red at the bottom of the card.

Starting at $2.49

You Reflect God's Love

Stained glass image of the nativity. Two angels hold a banner above the scene with the words "Verbum Caro Factum Est" (The Word is made flesh). Stable animals look on from the right. Mountains are visible in the distance.


Christmas Blessings to Our Pastor

Illustration of a small country church in a snow covered valley beneath a brilliant night sky with a large central star.

Starting at $2.49

For A Loving Mother

Classical painting of "The Adoration Of Magi" by Carlo Dolci, Oil on canvas, 1649, (1616-1686)


For A Loving Father

Painting of the Holy Family with St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus.


With Love To My Wife

Painted image of the Holy family in predominantly shades of blue with Mary holding Jesus close to her cheek.


To My Husband At Christmas

Painted Christmas floral of holly with red berries and pine branches with a central lettering panel.

Starting at $2.49

Blessings at Christmas, Mom

A soft and endearing contemporary painting of Mary holding the sleeping baby Jesus in her arms.

Starting at $2.49

To Our Priest At Christmas

Nativity scene with visit of shepherds and Magi; basket of fruit in lower right.

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Christmas Blessings For Our Pastor

A contemporary painting of the Nativity with Mary seated on straw, holding Jesus; Joseph stands above holding a bowl. A brilliant emanates from behind the Child Jesus. The background is of light gold with a cross pattern.


Christmas Mass Card General

Mary holding Jesus while Joseph stands guard. The animals in the stable look on as the star of Bethlehem shines brightly at center top.

Starting at $1.75

A Christmas Prayer

Snowy woodland scene with trail pasing through trees.

Starting at $2.15

Even In This Holiest of Seasons

Burst of dazzling light in night sky with soft water color tree line.

Starting at $2.15
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