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Miracle Of Christmas

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A Christmas Miracle

Lettering in the night sky with star above the city of Bethlehem.


Angel Appearing to Shepherds

Image of an angel appearing to two shepherds and pointing toward the city of Bethlehem in the background. The image is in shades of white and blue on a dark blue background with a subtle floral pattern.


Loving Us Still

Painting of a Madonna and Child image. Mary is dressed in a blue mantle and light red patterned robe reminiscent of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is seated on a bench before a window in which a landscape is visible. She holds the child Jesus in her left hand and three roses in her right hand.


Rejoice in the Miracle

A contemporary illustration of the Holy Family with Mary holding Jesus and Joseph leaning close to Mary. Jesus' fingers reach out to grasp Mary's hand.


Christmas Rose

Closeup photo of Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger) appearing in the midst of the winter snow.


Bless You at Christmas

Get a head start on your Christmas card list with a card that's appropriate for early Advent sending! Illustration of a chalice, host on paten, open missal, lighted candle and poinsettia on an altar.

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A Prayer at Christmas

A contemporary a snow covered pine tree with a red heart-shaped ornament on one of the branches. A blue sky is in the background.

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Christmas Angel With Trumpet

Image of an angel playing a trumpet against the background of a star-filled sky. A gold, patterned border frames the painting.


The Christmas Tree

Contemporary Christmas tree with golden branches, holly leaves and white blossoms. Cardinals, apples and a bright gold star decorate the tree. Related Products: CL60625


Christmas Blessings

Painted image of Joseph leading a donkey on which Mary is riding toward the city of Bethlehem by night.

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Birthday Miracles Collection

2 each of 5 assorted birthday cards. Includes: CA8215, CA8049, CA5814, CA5815, and CA8109. Related Products: CA5814 CA5815 CA8049 CA8109 CA8215

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Legend of the Christmas Wreath

Painted illustration of a wreath made up of holly, ivy and white blossoms and red berries. Related Products: CL60626


Blessings to You at Christmas

Icon image of the Holy Family. A circle of red enfolds the Jesus, Mary and Joseph, symbolizing the sacred nature of the family bond. Jesus' arms are raised in blessing. Mary's arms are raised in adoration and praise.


God's Beautiful Miracles

Two tulips (orange and pink) with light purple cross and light pink panel on a cream colored ground. Related Products: A593


Irish Christmas Prayer

Illustration of a Celtic cross surrounded by green pine branches. Lettering in red beneath the design on a ivory background.


Warm Christmas Wishes

Fine art nativity painting by Guido Reni


Happy Christmas Nollag Shona

A Celtic Holy Family image of Mary and Joseph together holding the Child Jesus. The image is in shades of green with a knotwork border with a background which fades from green into red at the top of the card. The lettering is in gold and white. Stars speckle the background.


Abbey Prayer for Christmas

Black and white photo of a snow-covered park bench along a stone wall.

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A Christmas Prayer

Star over Bethlehem in a deep blue sky with a Christmas prayer on cover

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Wishing You Peace at Christmas

People from all over the world joining in unity to form the shape of the dove of peace

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Wishing You an Irish Christmas

Illlustration of an Irish Christmas candle surrounded by holly. A green Celtic knot border surrounds the images. High Quality mid-priced Christmas Cards * Generous 5" by 7" size * All cards feature hand-done lettering * Single-fold card style, heavy card stock * Appropriate Bible verse on…


An Irish Blessing at Christmas

The start letter of the word "An" of "An Irish Blessing At Christmas" is highly illuminated in the Celtic style. A stylized bird is at the upper right and the bottom margin is illustrated with Celtic knotwork. The design is in shades of green and blue with accents of bright red.


Holy Gathering Ornament

The elegant detail in this exquisite rendition of that most holy night speaks to the heart of our faith and inspires us with the miracles of Christmas. LIMITED EDITION. 6.75"


A Christmas Filled with Love and Light

…of the nativity. Mary, dressed in blue is seated, holding Jesus in her arms. Joseph, dressed in red, stands at her side. High Quality mid-priced Christmas Cards * Generous 5" by 7" size * All cards feature hand-done lettering * Single-fold card style, heavy card stock * Appropriate Bible…


May Christmas Blessings Enter Your Home

Holiday wreath decorated with a white angel and red bow and berries situated on a blue door with a brass knocker at the center of the wreath. A beige textured border serves as the background.


The Christmas Narrative of St Luke

The christmas narrative of Saint Luke rendered in beautiful Gothic lettering with an illuminated start letter containing an illustration of an angel. Acanthus leaves surround the text with images from the nativity story and from nature.


A Christmas and New Year of God's Gifts

An illustration in the style of a stained glass window of the Holy Family. Mary is at the center, holding Jesus and Joseph is at the left. An angel is in the upper right hand corner of the image.


Nativity Gift Bags

…filled with hope." The medium bag reads: "As we celebrate the miracle of Christmas, let us share in the fullness of God's love, and fill each other's lives with peace, hope, and joy. Merry Christmas." Gift tags are attached to each bag. All bags come with one package of…

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