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Divine Mercy

…of colored light shining forth from His heart. Christ told the saint to paint what she saw, that people might venerate Him and know of the Divine Mercy ready for all who turn to Him. This icon was written by Father Pachomius Meade, O.S.B., a monk of Conception Abbey. Related Products: CA5145 PCQ501

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The Holy Family

"The Holy Family" icon is beautifully painted in iconographic style, but the composition is from western rather than from eastern Christianity. The young Christ Emmanuel is surrounded in love by Mary and Joseph. The Holy Family serves as an example and a reminder of the importance of…

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

In 1531 the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to native Mexican convert St. Juan Diego on the mountain of Tepeyac near Mexico City. Her miraculous sign of love for the people of the New World was to impress her image on his tilma or mantle. Through this holy image many people have been brought to belief…

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Come Lord Jesus

This icon was written to celebrate the great Jubilee of the Lord's Incarnation, but is timeless in its theme. At the center is Christ Emmanuel, the Child of the first coming, surrounded by signs of His second coming in Glory. Behind Him stands Mary, hands raised in prayer, "clothed with…

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Mary Magdalene Announces the Resurrection

…the apostles who greeted her tale with disbelief, quickly erased when they experienced the Lord's Resurrection for themselves. This beautiful icon recalls the importance of St. Mary Magdalene in the life of Christ and the earliest beginnings of the Church. Related Products: CA5105 CA6784 PCC511

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Starting at $13.99

Follow Me

…the branches." This striking metaphor from John 15:5 is used by Jesus to explain the relationship between humanity and Himself. This marvelous icon by Sister Marie-Paul uses the motif to bring together many of the Gospel scenes in which Jesus called people to be His followers. Related Products:…

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Starting at $13.99

Storm on the Sea of Galilee

This very dramatic icon shows Jesus asleep in the boat, Peter pleading with Him to save them, and John huddled in fear. See Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, or Luke 8:22-25. The image is a wonderful aid to prayer and meditation because we can so readily identify with both disciples! Related Products:…

Starting at $13.99

Christ Pantocrator

In this icon, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, the Ruler of All (Pantocrator) stands before us, right hand raised in blessing, left hand holding the Word: "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." (John 14:6) Related Products: CA6790 PCC507

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Starting at $11.99

The Washing of the Feet

In "The Washing of the Feet", Jesus sets for the Apostles (and for us) an example of humble service to one another by washing the Apostle's feet at the Last Supper. (John 13:3-17) We liturgically follow Christ's command to wash each other's feet at the "Mandatum"…

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Starting at $13.99

Mary the Mother of Priests

Icon image of Mary the Mother of Priests written by Sr. Marie-Paul Farran, OSB. Sr. Marie-Paul lives with her community on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Related Products: CA50088 CB10352 ORD60 PCM535

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Starting at $13.99

St. Joseph and the Christ Child

Our community commissioned this icon from Sister Marie-Paul to occupy the head of the left aisle in our Abbey Basilica. Devotion to Saint Joseph has always been strong among the monks of Conception Abbey. The example he set of faithful service and labor dovetails with the Benedictine model of…

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Starting at $8.99

Josephine Bakhita

St. Josephine Bakhita, patron saint of victims and survivors of human trafficking and slavery, offers hope to victims and survivors that as children of God, victims are already free. Born in 1869, St. Josephine Bakhita was captured as a child by slave traders who sold and re-sold her. Eventually…

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Starting at $13.99

The Road to Emmaus

…named Cleopas, who encounter a mysterious stranger on the road to the town of Emmaus. They only recognize Him as Jesus when they break bread together at the evening meal. This original icon by Sister Marie-Paul intriguingly portrays the unnamed disciple as a woman. Related Products: CA6785 PCM518

Starting at $13.99

The Secret of the Meal

…Secret of the Meal" refers to the mystical reality of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper. Christ is the central figure in this icon and is the only one who looks directly at us. Jesus holds his right hand, not straight up as in traditional blessing position, but up-turned and…

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Starting at $11.99

The Visitation

In "The Visitation" Mary embraces her kinswoman Elizabeth, as the prenatal John the Baptist leaps with joy and recognition within Elizabeth's womb. (Luke 1:39-56) "And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and exclaimed with a loud cry, 'Blessed are you among women, and…

Starting at $11.99

Saint Pope John Paul II

Image of Blessed Pope John Paul II holding his cross crosier in his left hand and his right hand is extended in blessing. Related Products: 070FP11 070HC 070MP 070PR 070TL PCQ505

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Starting at $13.99

St. Peter Claver

For those who combat contemporary slavery and care for victims, we find inspiration in the life and work of St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit from Spain who came to the new world in 1610 and cared for African slaves for 40 years. Even as they entered into the port of Cartagena, St. Peter Claver would row…

Starting at $13.99

Christ the Light of the World Icon

…depiction of Christ the Light of the World. With deep, rich wood colors and a durable satin finish, this icon makes a wonderful gift for study group members or that special friend in your life. Icon also comes keyholed in the back for easy wall hanging. 4 1/2" x 6" or 8" x 10"

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Starting at $12.99

St. Anne Icon

Icon image of St. Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Related Products: CA8207 PCQ508

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Starting at $8.99

Christ the High Priest

Icon image of Christ the High Priest wearing a red chasuble and dalmatic, seated on a golden throne. A crown is upon his head. A crown of thorns is embossed in his halo. He holds an open book on his lap with the text "The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Related Products:…

Starting at $13.99

Icon Revelation Booklet

…by the deep personal spirituality that the author shares with her readers. This booklet has been published by the Printery House and features a double cover with seven full color reproductions of Sister Marie-Paul's icons. Each booklet contains 24 pages and is 5 3/4" x 8 1/4".

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St. Jude Icon

Icon image of St. Jude, patron of desperate situations and of hospitals. He wears a green mantle over a white tunic and carries a staff in his left hand and an image of Jesus in his right. Related Products: CA8206 PCQ507

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Starting at $8.99

Divine Mercy Icon

Radiating mercy and peace, this icon of Christ will bring joy and serenity to wherever it is displayed. This icon comes with a durable satin finish and is keyholed in the back for wall hanging. Size: 3" x 6" or 5" x 10"

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Our Lady of Light Icon

The Blessed Mother radiates stength and grace as she holds her Son in this beautiful icon. Mounted on wood with a durable satin finish, this icon is also keyholed in the back for easy wall hanging. 4 ½" x 6" or 8" x 10"

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Starting at $12.99

Christ the High Priest Icon

…presents the Savior ast the High Priest eternally offering Himself through the Holy Eucharist. With deep, rich colors and a durable satin finish, this icon is a great gift for a special friend or family member. Keyholed in the back for easy wall hanging. 4 1/2" x 6" or 8" x 10"

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Holy Spirit Stained Glass Style Image

Printed reproduction of a stained glass image of the descent of the Holy Spirit on a blue panel with the text "Come Holy Spirit" above.

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The Vision of Lourdes

NOTE: 4" matted icons are on backorder until September. This icon depicts the amazing vision beheld by the child, Bernadette Soubirous, in 1858 near Lourdes, France. Our Lady of Lourdes who revealed "I am the Immaculate Conception," has been popular subject of Catholic veneration for…

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Doubting Thomas

Icon image of St. Thomas placing his finger in Christ's wounded side. Related Products: CA8205 PCQ506

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Starting at $8.99

St. Paul

This icon of unknown origin depicts St. Paul in the red of martyrdom and the green of apostleship. This icon serves as a poignant reminder that we, too, are continually called to conversion and that our lives are to be a witness to the transforming power of the Gospel of Christ. Related Products:…

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Starting at $8.99

Mary Star of the New Evangelization

An icon image of Mary, dressed as Our Lady of Guadalupe, standing atop a mountain. She stands in front of a golden star and is surrounded by a blue mandorla. The image represents three three visitations of Mary: she visits her cousin Elizabeth, she visits the people of America (apparation at Tepeyac…

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Starting at $13.99
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