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Kids CareNote Package

Offering practical advice for children on dealing with grief, emotions, family situations and illness, CareNotes for Kids booklets provide a strong foundation for young, impressionable minds. Titles Include: Bye Bye Bully, God Is My Friend, Happy To Be Me, Keeping School Cool, Mad Isn't Bad,…


Aging/Long Term Care Package

As more people are living longer, the need for elder care is growing. This specific group of CareNotes deals with issues like "Living Alone Without Being Lonely", "Coping with Chronic Pain", as well as illnesses like Alzheimer's and dementia. These resources help you address…


Mad Isn't Bad

…Anger. By Michaelene M. Mundy. "Anger isn't bad and sometimes it can even be good" is the message to kids in this thoughtful CareNote. Using simple language, the author explains to kids how they can express their anger in a positive way and choices they have in dealing with their…


Living Alone After the Death of a Spouse

CareNotes author Karen Katafiasz writes of the "new script" for life she was given after the death of her husband. Feeling not only the grief that accompanies loss, but also the confusion of how to function and live alone, she found herself in a role she hadn't asked for. But…


Giving Your Worries to God

"I can't. God Can. I think I'll let God." In the CareNote, Mundy explores more fully the meaning of this message in an effort to help you offer your worries to God. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Health Care/Cancer CareNote Package

A collection of CareNotes to help tackle tough topics when dealing with cancer and health care. Titles Include: Confronting Cancer with a Spirit of Hope, When Your Child has Cancer, Finding the Courage to Face a Serious Illness, Facing Cancer as a Family, Gaining the Strength to Deal with Breast…


Confronting the Fear of Aging

In this CareNote, the author poses the question: "What has happened to the notion of the ripening of life and why?" Chittister cites how the influence of advertising has put youth at a premium, while those over 60 have seemingly gone "missing"—along with their experience,…


What Everyone Should Know About Dementia

A former hospital chaplain and retreat director, the author provides an extremely informative and compassionate CareNote on a difficult subject. Although dementia is still a mysterious condition, science has learned a great deal about dementia in recent years. This information can help all of us,…


Just a Little Note

A lighthearted encouragement card intended for serious and terminal illness but also useful for a wide variety of sending situations. Benny the Church Mouse is perched in front of the organ pipes with his friend the bluebird and is singing from a green colored hymnal. Related Products: B199

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O God Who Made This Holy Night

Green lettering in the shape of a Christmas tree on a red background Related Products: PNAW


Living with Cancer a Day at a Time

Just as cancer has changed your life, the way you live your life can also change your cancer, writes Bradshaw. This CareNote offers insights from cancer survivors who live with the disease one day at a time. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Sad Isn't Bad

This CareNote for Kids thoughtfully acknowledges the many feelings children may be experiencing at a time of loss. The author encourages kids to cry, ask for help, remember the loved one and know they are not alone. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Gaining the Strength to Deal with Breast Cancer

This important CareNote is divided into six short sections, with these headings: Accept the feelings; Become informed; Take an active role; Don't overestimate your energy; Develop a new body image; Expect the "post-treatment blues"; Take heart. This is a practical booklet that…


Right and Wrong and Being Strong

…children on the journey of moral development. Through word and illustration, through concrete language and interactive language and examples, this CareNote for Kids treates such topics as honesty, peer pressure, and how to tell right from wrong. Even more, it shows kids how to go beyond doing right…


What to Say to Someone Who Has Cancer

…cancer diagnosis, it's important to push past our own feelings of shock and sadness and focus on the one facing a tough battle. This CareNote offers ways for readers to quell their own immediate anxieties and step forward to be full partners to those beginning this challenging journey.…


African Musk Handcrafted Soap

Strong notes of spice and a hint of musky richness, this is a popular men's fragrance. Each 4.5 oz bar comes in a cloth bag sealed with the Benedictine wax image. An 1882 entry in the chronicles of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration reads, "The Sisters made their own candles…


Humor - It Helps Us as We Age

…and holy, if only we could cast aside the prejudices of our culture and our own negative attitudes toward aging," says the author. This CareNote will help readers face and overcome much of the negatives of growing older—with the help of good humor. "The key to cashing in on…


I Bind Myself Today

Lettering in Green over an illustration of a Celtic Harp and a soft watercolor background in shades of green and blue. This card could easily be used as an encouragement note, reminding others of God's watchful care. Related Products: 154PR B236


Losing Someone Close

…loved and lost will always be with you, in memory and in prayer, for the love between you is a spiritual bond that death cannot sever," counsels DiGiulio. In this CareNote, the author shares helpful ways to bring strength as you cope with the loss of your loved one. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Finding Your Way After the Death of a Spouse

…is a difficult journey and you may wonder how you will survive. Psychotherapist Diehl teaches ways to be a "creative survivor" in this inspiring CareNote. Just as there are days when you may feel gaping holes in your life you too, can celebrate new beginnings. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Making Sense Out of Suffering

Human beings can find ways to rise above suffering and even find some meaning. In this CareNote, Fr. Wintz writes, "our best impulse in our moments of trial is to open ourselves to the good God who walks with us in the struggle. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Caring for Yourself When You're Caring for Someone Ill

It may seem like a selfish idea to think about caring for yourself when you are caring for someone ill. In this CareNote, the Kairos staff stresses the importance of self care in order to provide quality care to the one who is ill. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Where is God in My Suffering

…through other people; God meets you in prayer; God helps bring meaning to suffering. The above are the four main sections of this enlightening, inspiring, and practical CareNote. Readers will find this a comforting and truly helpful booklet for some of their darkest hours. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Confronting Cancer with a Spirit of Hope

…cancer support groups, Ken Czillinger has gained unique insights from a variety of sources on the challenges of living with cancer. In this new CareNote, he brings together stories from four personal friends, and offers their experiences as a guide to facing this disease with a hope-filled heart.…

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