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Cards For Priests

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For a Special Priest at Easter

Watercolor image of an Easter candle in a gold candle stand surrounded by ferns. The background behind the candle is blue, fading into ivory which is the ground for the text.

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Starting at $2.15

A Prayer for You in Your Ministry

Gold Cross in red circle flanked by palm branches. A prayer of encouragement in ministry is centered below the cross. This is an appropriate card for priest appreciation or for any minister.

Starting at $1.75

With Thanks and Appreciation for Your Priestly Ministry

Chalice and host, stole and gospel book on an altar. The altar is covered with a red cloth displaying the image of two deer drinking from the fountain of life.

Starting at $2.15

With Gratitude for Your Service

The cards measure 5.93" by 4.38".  Cross on watercolor ground with brush lettering. Appropriate as a thank you or retirement card for priests, deacons, other clergy or religious.

Starting at $1.75

Blessings for a Special Priest

Chalice and host in dark red foil and a white Chi Rho on a tan background with red lettering.

Starting at $2.35

Gratitude for Your Ministry

Photo of sheep in a green field with a shepherd's staff in front of the image. Ghosted treatment of the word "shepherd" at the right edge of the image with a screened version of the photo in as the background.

Starting at $2.15

A Birthday Prayer for a Fine Priest

A gold Chi-Rho surrounded by wheat and grapes decorates this message for your priest friend. 5" x 7", gold-stamped. White envelope included with each card.

Starting at $2.35

With Appreciation

Express appreciation to your pastor, priest, or minister. The cards measure 5.93" by 4.38".

Starting at $1.75

Conception Abbey Psalm Tone Melody Card

…psalm tones are accessible to anyone who would like to chant the psalm texts and are perfect for those who regularly chant the liturgical hours. This convenient card offers detailed instructions for intoning the psalms and tucks securely inside your book for easy access. Related Products: G1707

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I Have Chosen You

This design features a chalice, gospel book and stole. This design would be appropriate for a deacon ordination or priest ordination.


Celebrating You On Your Golden Jubilee

This card is appropriate for priests, brothers, monks, deacons, religious sisters, or any pastor or minister. Lettering in gold with a red and gold cross on a background of a handwritten musical score which is yellow in color.

Starting at $1.85

Supporting You in Your Ministry to the People of God

5" x 7". Gold Chi Rho with grapes and wheat. Appropriate for congratulating a newly ordained priest on his first parish assignment.


With Gratitude Pastor

Church window with baskets of fall fruits and vegetables below.

Starting at $2.15

God Bless You for Your Faithful Ministry

5" x 7". Icon image of the Good Shepherd. Appropriate as a thank you or retirement card for priests, deacons, other clergy or religious. Related Products: CA8056 ORD16 PCQ503 Q03

Starting at $2.15

For a Special Priest at Christmas

Stylized Holy Family framed by a golden gothic arched window looking out onto a small village in a snowy landscape

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Starting at $2.29

Happy Birthday to a Special Priest

Illustration of a brilliant yellow sun against a background pattern of leaves on a blue-green ground. The lettering is in teal colored foil.

Starting at $2.35

In Appreciation for Your Priestly Service

5" x 7". Stained glass image of Christ the High Priest. Appropriate as a thank you or retirement card for priests or bishops.

Starting at $2.15

Christmas Blessings For Our Pastor

A contemporary painting of the Nativity with Mary seated on straw, holding Jesus; Joseph stands above holding a bowl. A brilliant emanates from behind the Child Jesus. The background is of light gold with a cross pattern.

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With Gratitude Father at Christmas

Woodcut print styling of the nativity featuring shepherds and the Holy Family

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Starting at $2.29

Pastor Bonus

…St. John's Gospel, chapter 10, and the 23rd Psalm. Jesus' hands show the wounds of the cross because the good shepherd lays down His life for His sheep (John 10:11). He holds a staff, or crosier, to indicate that He is the guardian of His flock. Many of us go through life feeling lost or…

Starting at $8.99

With Gratitude, Father

Church window with baskets of fall fruits and vegetables below.

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Starting at $2.15

St. John Vianney

St. John Vianney, Patron of Priests Printed on sturdy, cream-colored cover stock, these cards are perfect for gifts, mailing enclosures, keepsake bookmarks, devotional or parish use. Cards are 3 x 5". Personalize your holy cards by having them imprinted on the back. We can add your own personal…

Starting at $0.30

Sacramental Symbols

This design features a chalice and host, Gospel book and stole. It is appropriate for ordination to the priesthood.

Starting at $0.25

For a Special Priest on His Birthday

Recognize and show a sign of appreciation for your pastor or priest friend on his birthday. Special 5 x 7 gold-stamped card with goldenrod envelope.

Starting at $2.35

God Bless You Father

Lettering cadd on deep orange background with a fall fruit border.

Starting at $2.15

Shepherd the Church of God

The text "Shepherd the Church of God" is in dark green, hand-lettered Roman Capitals. A gold crosier is at the left of the lettering. This design is appropriate for the ordination of a bishop.

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Starting at $0.16

In Appreciation of Your Ministry

Painted illustration of a blue colored cross with a diamond pattern before an open book of scripture with an illuminated start letter "A". Appropriate as a thank you or retirement card for priests, deacons, other clergy, ministers, or religious.

Starting at $2.15
Showing 1 - 30 of 85 ~
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