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Our Family Book of Life

Celebrate and record the important events of your family's faith life in this elegant calligraphic keepsake book. The sections are arranged according to the sequence of the sacraments as they are presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Each sacramental celebration has two pages of…

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My Heaven Book

…life—are everlasting. My Heaven Book includes prayers that are easy to commit to memory and to say throughout the day, along with very simple expressed statements of christian belief that are appropriate for the youngest of chidren. The message of My Heaven Book is one of God's eternal…


The Life of Saint Benedict

The saint whose heroic life changed the course of Europe still fascinates people today. This extraordinary book with original illustrations by Mark Brown and text by Br. John Mckenzie, O.S.B., invites children of all ages to discover a man who inspired shepherds and noblemen alike to leave the world…


Slowing Down and Finding God in Your Busy Life

Slowing Down and Finding God in Your Busy Life. By Sharon Robinson. Finding God in a hurried world is not a matter of plunging into frenzied ministry to others says Robinson. Rather, it means scaling down and simplifying our inner and outer worlds in order to hear God's voice and yield to God…


The Story of St. Francis of Assisi in Twenty-Eight Scenes

This beautiful new book by renowned art historian Timothy Verdon tells the story of the life of St. Francis of Assisi in story and art. The 28 stunning thirteenth century frescoes by Giotto that cover the walls of the famous Basilica in Assisi named for the saint are reproduced in full color,…

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Your Whole Life: The 3D Plan for Eating Right, Living Well and Loving God

An updated, all-inclusive edition of the Christian wellness program that has been used by more than half a million people. Your Whole Life is more than a Christian diet plan. Founded in 1972, the "3D" program is based on the principles of healthy eating, a disciplined lifestyle, and…


Blessings on the Anniversary of Your Ordination

Chalice and host, stole and gospel book on altar; red antependium on altar with image of deer drinking from fountain of life


Seeking God's Will

…Conception Abbey since 1943 and now deceased, this book is a practical guide for your spiritual journey. Life's tough questions are answered with Christian wisdom and clarity. This edition is published by the Printery House. Soft cover book is 5.5 x 8.25 inches and contains 144 pages. ISBN…


Coping with Chronic Pain

Pain has a way of sharply defining life's true pleasures. Many don't realize there is a choice as to how to one lives with their chronic pain. Pitzele shares insights as to how to take charge of your life instead of allowing the pain take charge of you. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Living with Cancer a Day at a Time

Just as cancer has changed your life, the way you live your life can also change your cancer, writes Bradshaw. This CareNote offers insights from cancer survivors who live with the disease one day at a time. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


When Someone You Love Has Cancer

…things affect a family's everyday life like the presence of an illness like cancer. Whether it's a grandparent, another family member, a teacher or neighbor or friend, children especially experience confusion, fear and misunderstanding. This book will help kids cope with the presence of…


Christ the High Priest

…of Christ the High Priest wearing a red chasuble and dalmatic, seated on a golden throne. A crown is upon his head. A crown of thorns is embossed in his halo. He holds an open book on his lap with the text "The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Related Products: PCQ504 Q04

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Christ the High Priest

…of Christ the High Priest wearing a red chasuble and dalmatic, seated on a golden throne. A crown is upon his head. A crown of thorns is embossed in his halo. He holds an open book on his lap with the text "The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Related Products: CA8088 Q04

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Christ the High Priest

…Christ the High Priest wearing a red chasuble and dalmatic, seated on a golden throne. A crown is upon his head. A crown of thorns is embossed in his halo. He holds an open book on his lap with the text "The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Related Products: CA8088 PCQ504

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When Bad Things Happen

Truly bad things can and do happen in life. A child's safe and happy world can shatter from the impact of a serious illness or accident, death or divorce, violence or a natural disaster. And while we cannot shelter children from every hurt and harm, we can begin to calm their fears, ease their…


She is Clothed with Strength and Dignity Gift Journal

…her future in God's hands and faces life with joy. Published in partnership with Women of Joy Ministries, She Is Clothed with Strength & Dignity is the perfect place to write conversations with God, prayers and answers, or the daily details of life. The verses and inspiring quotes offer…


Living Faith Lent Devotional Booklet

Each Lent, we tend to start out enthusiastically vowing to improve ourselves and to enrich our spiritual life. But at some point, we tend to fall short of our lofty goals. Living Faith Lent provides daily reinforcement via Lenten-themed devotions written by the authors of the popular Living Faith…

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The Story of Noah

…animals. As young Alice sees how Noah's grace and goodness earn him protection from the storm, she learns the importance of living a faithful life and an appreciation for the "rainbows after showers, and the light that follows dark." Hardcover; 32 pages; 7.5" x 7.5" Related…


Pope Francis Celebrates Faith and Family

…attention to the family. He has spoken often and profoundly about the challenges facing today's families. With this booklet, we honor family life and Pope Francis' commitment to the important role families play in nurturing our faith in God. 30 devotions, quotes from Pope Francis--with his…


Works of Love are Works of Peace

…this large format 224 page book offers the most comprehensive photographic documentation of the apostolic work and prayer life of the Missionaries of Charity yet published. Destined to serve as an important historical record, this "illustrated prayer book" vividly portrays the peace and…


Living Alone After the Death of a Spouse

…script" for life she was given after the death of her husband. Feeling not only the grief that accompanies loss, but also the confusion of how to function and live alone, she found herself in a role she hadn't asked for. But eventually, she learned to adapt to this new life, and in this…


The Way of Humility

…in a country that suffered greatly from the effects of corruption in public and private life. In these texts, the current Holy Father reflects on the connection between sin and corruption in the life of every Christian and how pride and self-sufficiency lead from one to the other. The roots…


The Joy of Mercy

…living your life with mercy. The realization that practicing mercy is a joy, not a chore, becomes clearer each day. The pages within lead you to a greater awareness of God's mercy and of your own capacity to show mercy toward yourself and others. Consisting of excerpts from the homilies, books,

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Finding Your Way After the Death of a Spouse

…is a difficult journey and you may wonder how you will survive. Psychotherapist Diehl teaches ways to be a "creative survivor" in this inspiring CareNote. Just as there are days when you may feel gaping holes in your life you too, can celebrate new beginnings. 8 pages. 5" x 7"


Grieving the Loss of Your Parent

…that we cannot go home again and nothing will be the same. But as we move forward through out grief we also bring along a rich store of treasures from our childhood and adulthood. "Our life has not lost meaning but rather has taken on new meaning," says Ball. 8 pages. 5" x 7"

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Waiting in Joyful Hope 2015-16

…and Scripture into everyday life in a thought-provoking and lasting way. Through Sister Genevieve Glen and Jerome Kodell's insightful reflections on Scripture readings from the daily Mass, readers will grow in their understanding of the word of God. This book will help busy people achieve…


Facing Chronic Illness With Faith and Hope

…and decide where their priorities are in life. Emphasizes the author, a hospital chaplain: "One of my favorite questions in the hospital is: 'What would make things turn out alright?' It's a question about hope, and about where new life is to be found. Hope is different from a…


Confronting the Fear of Aging

In this CareNote, the author poses the question: "What has happened to the notion of the ripening of life and why?" Chittister cites how the influence of advertising has put youth at a premium, while those over 60 have seemingly gone "missing"—along with their experience,…


Crossroads: Stations of the Cross for Times of Change

…for Times of Change is tailored to those who are facing major transitions in their lives. Whether approaching retirement, an "empty nest" or any dramatic change, you can welcome your new life with greater joy, having grown closer to our risen Savior. 32 pages. 5.375" x 8.375"

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Jesus Loves Me Children's Lenten Devotional Booklet

…and daily guidance we receive from our Good Shepherd, Jesus, who lovingly leads us throughout our lives past the cross and toward the promise of life everlasting. The 23rd Psalm and other biblical shepherd stories help children learn of Jesus' ever-present love. 48 pages. 3.875" x…

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